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Meet Shane Owens

Shane Owens makes traditional country music for the modern world. Timeless and timely, it's a classic sound with a contemporary edge, driven forward by a mix of southern storytelling, Bible Belt twang, and Owens' big, booming baritone.

Long before he hand-built his career in the honky-tonks and country clubs of the southeast, Owens grew up in Alabama. In many ways, it was a classic American upbringing, filled with family, faith, and music. Owens shines a light on those old-school values with his newest album, working closely with a roster of country music's top songwriters — including Bob Diperio, Greg Barnhill, Tony Stampley, Wynn Varble, Brian Callihan and Trent Willmon — for his most upbeat collection of songs to date.

The record's lead single, "Lie," finds Owens mixing twang and humor in equal doses. A tale of one man's desperate attempt to woo a woman, it unveils a new side of the singer, shining a light on the country traditionalist's good-natured wit. The song makes its debut in April 2018, paving the way for a full-length album produced by Steve Popovich Jr. and Joe Kelly.

Owens recorded "Lie" — along with the rest of the upcoming record — in Nashville's Sound Emporium Recording Studios in early 2018. Popovich Jr. tapped guitar legend Tom Bukovac (known for his work with Vince Gill, Joe Walsh, and other icons) as bandleader, filling out the all-star studio band with musicians like Chris Mchugh, Tony Lucido, Charlie Judge, Kris Donegan and Scotty Sanders. Together, they captured a sound filled with fiddle, pedal steel and all the hallmarks of classic country music. On an album filled with all-star instrumentalists, though, its Owens who shines the brightest, delivering each song with the same supersized voice that once shook the pews of his hometown church. 

"Like a lot of my favorite country singers, grew up singing gospel music," says Owens, who grew up listening to artists like Randy Travis and Keith Whitley. "I grew up the same way, and I've stayed true to my traditional country roots. I'm still singing about going to church, eating fried chicken, and keeping it country. Why wouldn't I? Once you start trying to be something you're not, that's when you lose track of where you're headed."

Longtime country music journalist Robert K. Oermann agrees, pointing to Owens' traditional approach as his strongest weapon. "I like to think that there are cycles in [country] music," Oermann explains. "Usually, the pendulum swings out and the pop-country people bring in a whole lot of new listeners, and then the new listeners discover real country music. Then there's usually a swing back to more traditional styles. I hope we're on the cusp of that… and if we are, Shane is perfectly positioned."

A self-made road warrior who was recently named "Independent Artist of the Year" by MusicRow Reveals 2018 Country Breakout Awards, Owens continues to maintain an active schedule of barroom shows and festival appearances. He made his Grand Ole Opry debut in 2017. He also appeared at summertime events like CMA Music Festival and Jamboree In the Hills, both of which were voted as the top two American country music festivals of the year. Cracker Barrel has picked Owens' music to appear in several of the store's exclusive releases, including Country Faith America and Country Faith Love Songs, while Netflix included his song "Country Never Goes Out of Style" in the popular series The Ranch. No wonder Rolling Stone Country named Shane Owens one of the magazine's "10 New Country Artists You Need to Know!"

New music. New album. New shows. Shane Owens continues to more forward, but he also remains rooted in the sound that launched his career, breathing new life into a sound that's at once fresh and familiar. 

"I've grown my business the old-school way," he explains. "I played the honky-tonks for years. I developed myself and my sound. It can be tough when you've got a traditional sound, but I can't be anything I'm not. If it was easy to do, everybody would do it. And I'm nowhere near done doing it."



“Shane Owens brings it all…vocal, writing, performance, and passion.  He has paid his dues, remained committed to traditional country and brings you a song with heart and a story.  Songs that will get you through the tough times and enjoy the happy times; and, lyrics that will remind you of the threads in life that make you the fabric you are today. He will bless you with his talent and his kindness.  To Shane, I gladly pass the baton…"

Randy Travis