Unwavering and determined, Amerimonte Records recording artist Shane Owens is geared up for his single “LIE,” which released digitally last week and impacts radio on April 30th. Billboard hosted an exclusive debut of the behind the scenes video for the tongue in cheek song and an exclusive sneak peek by Nashville Noise of the tune. “LIE” is available to download and on all streaming digital platforms.

“Lie is one of my favorite songs on the new album because it is simply one of those songs everyone can relate to. Not only is it humorous, but people really enjoy it,” said Shane Owens. “It really is an awful way to get a girl, but sometimes you have to tell a little lie to get her attention.”

Billboard Magazine wrote: “Fans of traditional country music have long been awaiting the arrival of an artist who just might bring back those sounds to the airwaves. If he has his way, Alabama newcomer Shane Owens will be leading that charge.”

Shane’s humorous, tongue-in-cheek aspect takes on the role of a “wingman” for a pal in the new single. It kicks off with a screamin’ guitar lick and pounding drums. A definite driver of a track with tons of groove and high energy, it sets the stage for a “night on the town” feel – and descends into a Saturday Night Live-worthy romp from there. Two guys, a pretty gal and a world of tone-deaf advice equal a blast of a record that pokes humor at the foolishness of men.