Hear Shane Owens’ Acoustic Take on New ‘God and the Ground She Walked On’ [Exclusive Video]

In advance of the release of his debut studio album, Shane Owens is sharing an acoustic performance of one of its tracks exclusively with readers of The Boot. Press play above to watch an intimate performance of the song “God and the Ground She Walked On.”

“God and the Ground She Walked On” fits Owens’ standard of staying true to classic country music. The tune is traditional country all the way through, from the artist’s deep baritone voice to the subject matter itself: a nostalgic homage to God, church and a love that lasts even beyond death.

“We thought he came ’cause she made him / At least that’s what we used to say / But now he’s there every time the doors open / So he can see her again someday,” sings Owens in the first verse of “God and the Ground She Walked On,” about a man who lost his love. “He stands up and sings “Rock of Ages” / He fumbles to find her songs / He feels her turning the pages / Like she was right there reading along / He puts his tithes in the offering / Somewhere in his heart, she’s not gone / ‘Cause that old man still worships / God and the ground she walked on.”

Owens found “God and the Ground She Walked On,” written by Jess Brown and Phillip Coleman, to be a good fit for him because it reminds him of his grandparents and “took me back to so many fond memories about my Granny and Pa.”

“I still see them in my mind, standing beside each other at church, singing those old gospel hymns,” Owens tells The Boot. “That generation is definitely the last of a dying breed. They were married almost 62 years. What a love it was, God rest their souls. I know for sure that they both worshiped God and the ground that each other walked on.”

Known for his unabashed commitment to traditional country music, Owens has built a steady following of dedicated fans over the past decade. On Dec. 9, he will release his debut studio album, Where I’m Comin’ From, which features 11 tracks, including “God and the Ground She Walked On.”

For more information about Owens and to pre-order Where I’m Comin’ From, visit Owens’ official website.

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